Fathima Matha Chruch Messages
Message From Mar. Archbishop Andrew Thazhath To,

Rev. Fr. Anto, Trustees and the parishioners,
Our lady of Fathima Matha Church,
Thrissur - 680601
     " I am very glad to know that a website - www.fathimamathachurch.info is launched for our lady of Fathima Matha Church, Vellattanjur. It is highly appreciable as Fr. Vicar and the parishioners act according to the needs of the modern times. I wish let Vellattanjur Parish, the first parish in India which is dedicated to Our Lady of Fathima, be known world wide through this web. I whole heartedly wish and pray the abundance of blessing, be with you all through the intercession of our Lady of Fathima. I bless this remarkable event and all those who worked behind this endeavor."With best regards.

Andrews Thazhath
Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur
Message From Rev. Fr. Anto Koola       "I have great pleasure in extending my best wishes and joyful greetings to Fathima Matha church on the occasion of the opening of new website in this Internet world. On this significant occasion I Wishes, cordial greetings and abundant divine gifts upon the all believers.

By the divine privilege, we have got one of the most beautiful church in our choice and in which we could situate the holy relic of Fathima matha. Once more, let me convey my prayful greetings to all of you and may your life be filled with joy and happiness."
Sincerely in Christ
Fr Anto Koola
Vicar Of Fathima Matha Church
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