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Family Units
Our parish is divided into eight units. Our family units are Fathima Matha Unit, St. Thomas Unit, St. Paul Unit, St. John Unit, St. Xavier Unit, St. Sebastian Unit, St. Joseph and St. Francis Unit. Each unit has heavenly patron. Our family units are very active. We hava a central committee to look over the projects and program of family units. The family units very actively involved in the parish activities. The family units collect money every month and used it for helping poor.

Every family unit divided into five small groups of families. Each of these groups called 'Bhavana Koottayma' Each Bhavana Koottayma gathers once in a month for prayer and meals. This prayer and meals togetger make our Bhavana Koottayma very active and closely knit. Family units have very active role in festivals.
Our Family Units 01. St. SEBASTIAN
02. St. JOSEPH
03. St. PAUL
04. St. THOMAS
06. St. XAVIER
07. St. JOHN
News & Events
  • Monday - Friday
    6.30 am Qurbana
  • Saturady
    6.30 am Qurbana,Novena and Ladeenju
  • Sunday
    6.15 am Qurbana
    9.15 am Catechism Qurbana
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